Petrol 98

Unleaded petrol with 98 octane content is considered a premium gasoline for highly loaded engines (i.e. high compression engines) with spark ignition. The premium quality fuel complies with the European quality standards for engine fuel, namely, EN 228: 2004 and PN-EN 228: 2006.

Very carefully developed petrol formula allowed this product to pass the standard Mercedes MB 102E engine test. Petrol 98 is designated for car engines with exhaust gas catalysts. Petrol does not contain tetraethyl lead, phosphorus or dyes, and is low in sulphur (less than 10 mg / kg), which is why this fuel is called sulphur-free. It protects from degradation and ensures a long service life of the exhaust gas catalyst. Petrol 98 ensures the required engine performance, smooth operation and fuel efficiency.

Petrol contains additives that improve its performance and protect the engine’s exhaust system from clogging.


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