Enjoy the power of the VERVA 95 fuel!

In creating the next generation fuel VERVA, we aimed to improve engine performance in all weather conditions and at different engine loads. VERVA fuels meet strict European Union quality requirements for petroleum products - the sulphur content of these fuels is less than 10 mg / kg.

Therefore, this fuel is also called sulphur-free petrol.

  • High quality of VERVA 95 fuel and properly selected fuel components allow for optimized fuel consumption and engine performance.
  • VERVA 95 has a positive effect on engine durability, increasing mechanical resistance of engine parts (cylinders, pistons, rings and valves).
  • Higher content of cleaning additive improves the washability of VERVA 95 petrol, which helps to maintain a clean fuel system and car engine.
  • Low sulphur content (less than 10 mg / kg) in VERVA 95 petrol extends the life of the exhaust catalyst, reduces corrosion in supply, combustion and exhaust systems, and emissions of sulphur compounds.

VERVA fuel is produced from carefully selected components, which are constantly checked for quality at every stage of production.
We care about cleanliness, so more detergent helps keep the supply system clean and removes residues from previously used fuels of unknown origin. To be able to assess wash performance of VERVA fuel, we used the Mercedes Benz 102E engine. The tests revealed that residue of Category IV (according to the World Fuel Card) fuel totalled 30 mg, and that of VERVA fuel was less than 10 mg.

Additives used to produce gasoline VERVA 95:

  • Cleaners help maintain the engine’s supply and injection system, and remove deposits from previously used fuels of unknown origin;
  • anti-corrosion additives reduce environmental corrosion in supply, exhaust and combustion systems, thus protecting the engine;
  • antioxidants protect fuel from degradation and ensure high fuel stability.

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