Petrol 95

Petrol 95 has special additives, so this petrol helps to take care of the car’s engine. Petrol contains premium additives such as detergents protecting the supply system from contaminants, and valves and combustion chambers – from accumulating deposits. Corrosion inhibitor contained in our petrol protects the car's engine and fuel system from corrosion.

The effect of the additives has been proven in practice - the results of a special test carried out on a Mercedes-Benz engine confirm that compared to regular petrol without additives, additives in petrol 95 limit accumulation of deposits, reduce the risk of engine malfunctions and help save the most important car mechanism.

  • Engine fuelled on unleaded petrol 95 runs smoothly at high load, despite low and high ambient temperatures.
  • Petrol 95 allows using full car power and ensures smooth engine performance. A car running on 95 petrol uses less fuel.
  • Using petrol 95 allows having less frequent oil changes, thus reducing oil consumption.
  • Service life of spark plugs and exhaust system is extended.
  • Petrol 95 protects the catalyst and extends its life, reducing hydrocarbon emissions to the atmosphere.

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