VERVA diesel

​Enjoy the power of the VERVA diesel!

In creating the next generation VERVA fuel, we aimed to improve engine performance in all weather conditions and at different engine loads. This is why VERVA D fuel is highly recommended for use in cars with modern diesel engines with injection pumps or common rail systems.

  • A higher cetane content (above 51) in VERVA diesel improves vehicle performance, facilitating the starting of the car and reducing engine operating temperature.
  • Special lubricants used in VERVA D diesel reduce fuel consumption and extend service life of the injection system pumps.
  • VERVA D has a positive effect on engine durability and increases the mechanical durability of engine parts (cylinders, pistons, rings and valves). We conducted tests with Peugeot XUD9 engine to assess the effectiveness of the protection of nozzles from clogging using VERVA diesel. The tests revealed that the efficiency of the top Category IV (according to the World Fuel Card) fuel protection from clogging was 85 %.


Diesel VERVA D meets this requirement. New fuel VERVA is produced from carefully selected components, which are constantly checked for quality at every stage of production.

Additives used in the production of VERVA diesel:

  • cleaners help maintain the engine’s supply and injection system, and remove deposits from previously used fuels of unknown origin;
  • anti-corrosion additives reduce environmental corrosion in supply, exhaust and combustion systems, thus protecting the engine;
  • antioxidants protect fuel from degradation and ensure high fuel stability.

Based on the needs of our customers, we produce three types of diesel: summer, transition and winter. Winter diesel is divided into first- and second-class. First-class VERVA D diesel does not freeze at 26 degrees Celsius below zero. Second-class diesel does not freeze at 32 degrees Celsius below zero. Diesel for extremely harsh winter conditions is supplied to ORLEN gas stations from 1 December.


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