The reconstruction of the petrol station in Žiežmariai is coming to the end


ORLEN Baltics Retail is consistently developing the network of petrol stations offering the highest standard services, guaranteed fuel quality and a range of non-fuel offers. Soon after the modernization, a new station will be opened in Žiežmariai, which will be operating by the Stop Cafe 2.0 format standards. This is a more ambitious approach to gastronomy - the highest quality of ingredients, wide assortment, products and services meeting high standards of the European market.

ORLEN constantly strives to increase the competitiveness of its fuel products. Verva fuels
are worth mentioning here, which guarantee safe engine operation in various weather conditions and under variable load. In winter conditions, our customers can use arctic diesel fuel D *, which retains its parameters even at extremely low temperatures.

ORLEN petrol stations in Lithuania are situated in the best locations. In 2020, ORLEN increased the number of petrol stations in Lithuania to 29
stations. We are implementing projects aimed at building new facilities in the place of the existing ones (the so-called Destroy and Build again).


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